a creature from Kurt Vonnegut's book "Sirens of Titan". The Harmoniums are first introduced in chapter 8. They live in caves on the planet Mercury. The Harmoniums feed on the vibrations of the planet's song, have in fact been feeding upon a single note of that song for centuries.

Harmoniums are a creature that exists in a Utopia specific to them. They have no fear, no hunger. Indeed, they have none of the negative qualities that shape our lives.

Large scale piece for choir and symphony orchestra by John Adams (premiered 2001), a setting of three poems:

The orchestral scoring does not, oddly enough, include a harmonium.

"I've been taking, what you've given
Now I'm thinking, I've been living
The fantasy of your sweet smile"
-C'est La Vie,
Harmonium, Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton released her second album, "Harmonium", in November of 2004 with A&M records. Compared to her first album, "Be Not Nobody", she's become a lot edgier. Where her older sounds are good, her new material shows a definate improvement as a professional artist. She spent almost two years working on the album, with her boyfriend as the producer.

Essentially, "Harmonium" was written for the average teenage girl. She calls it a coming of age story. "It's about jealousy, it's about losing your virginity, it's about living on your own." The CD is darker than her first, but it is all very listenable. And that stems from the fact that all of her music is personal to her. Unlike many of today's artists, Carlton's emotion and dedication to each song obvious in listening. While she says she struggles to maintain herself as an artist, without compromising herself commercially, she has little to worry about. As long as she continues to write from her heart and produce albums like this one, than she'll be fine.

Where "Be Not Nobody" had three singles that became radio hits, "White Houses" is the only song on this album that succeeded on the charts. But, in the pop rock genre, it is harder to find a better CD than this one. Vanessa Carlton's strength as a musician comes out strong with "Harmonium". Especially when you realize that she writes, plays and sings all of her own music. Impressive when you look at other successes like Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez.

Track List.
  1. White Houses (3:42)
  2. Who's to Say? (4:53)
  3. Annie (4:50)
  4. San Francisco (4:14)
  5. Afterglow (3:58)
  6. Private Radio (3:01)
  7. Half a Week Before the Winter (3:29)
  8. C'est la Vie (2:36)
  9. Papa (2:41)
  10. She Floats (5:17)
  11. The Wreckage (2:17)
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Dedicated to wertperch who happens to be getting married today!

Har*mo"ni*um (?), n. [NL. See Harmony. ]

A musical instrument, resembling a small organ and especially designed for church music, in which the tones are produced by forcing air by means of a bellows so as to cause the vibration of free metallic reeds. It is now made with one or two keyboards, and has pedals and stops.


© Webster 1913.

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