Acutally Harrisburg is about 15 miles north of Three Mile Island. The distiction of having that power plant belongs to a smaller town called Middletown. Around Harrisburg there isn't much to do in the way of entertainment. Although you could go to Hershey Park that's a 30 min drive away. There is a science and arts center and a few nightclubs. The city is also home to the Senators, a baseball team that plays on City Island. Most people head over to the west shore for more fun, although all of central Pennsylvania is boring.

In addition to the Senators, there are also the Hershey Bears hockey team, which is the AHL team for the Colorado Avalanche, the Hershey Wildcats professional soccer team, and the Harrisburg Heat Indoor Soccer team.

Harrisburg can be quite boring, and is still very rural in it's mindset. 'Progressive' businesses like bagel shops and specialty bookstores have a hard time staying in business, while old-style farmer's markets thrive.

Harrisburg is caught in changing cultural differences, with an explosion of Vietnamese and Hispanic populations pushing out the aging Pennsylvania Dutch population that gave the area its conservative morals.The old-style conservatism of the entire Central PA region is disturbing, especially when the KKK keep holding rallies in York 30 minutes to the south.

Despite those sometimes bigoted morals, Harrisburg has distinguished itself as having an openly homosexual mayor, Stephen Reed, who continues to win both the Republican and Democratic mayorial primaries, and has been mayor for just about as long as anyone can remember.

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