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Harry Butler is an Australian naturalist who used to host a TV show called In the Wild. Harry was trained as a teacher, but later took a job as an environmental consultant for several goverment and industrial organizations. He undertook a major study of Western Australian animals and collected more than 2000 examples of mammals there, 14 of whom were new to science. Harry was Australian of the Year in 1979 and in 1993 won the Excellence Award for an Individual for his outstanding contribution to the mining-petroleum industry over 30 years, a surprising feat for a conservationist. Harry firmly believes that conservationists and industry can work together to both of their mutual benefit.

Personally, In the Wild with Harry Butler was my all time favorite nature show. Harry was the first naturalist I ever saw who got bit all the time. Harry would go into raptures over the beauty of a snake, while the darn thing was chewing the heck out of his finger. Harry wore an old sweat stained hat that was tattered and torn, and in the closeups of Harry holding the animals, you could see that Harry didn't have a manucurist. My best Harry moment, however, was one episode where Harry decided to go swimming in a muddy billabong. If i remember right, he was after a crocodile and a bloated cow corpse was floating in the water. Harry whipped off his pants, and underneath he had on an off-white pair of BVD shorts with a rip in the back. Into the water Harry went, with his ripped tattered underwear, pasty white legs, and the ancient sweat stained hat. Harry was a true classic, and he was having so much fun that you couldn't help but enjoy him.

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