The Harry M. Goode Memorial Award is awarded by the Computer Society based on contributions to the field of information processings. These advances can be either a single theory, design, or technique of outstanding significance or the accumulation of important contributions in theory or practice over a period of time. The award is of $2000 and a medal.

Winners form 1964 to 2003
1964 Howard H. Aiken
1965 George R. Stibitz
1965 Konrad Zuse
1966 John Presper Eckert
1966 John William Mauchly
1967 Samuel N. Alexander
1968 Maurice V. Wilkes
1969 Alston Scott Householder
1970 Grace M. Hopper
1971 Allen Newell
1972 Seymour R. Cray
1973 No award given
1974 Edsget W. Dijkstra
1975 Kenneth E. Iverson
1976 Lawrence G. Roberts
1977 Jay W. Forrester
1978 Gordon E. Moore
1978 Robert N. Noyce
1979 Herman H. Goldstine
1980 Fernando J. Corbato
1981 C.A.R. Hoare
1982 King-sun Fu
1983 Gene M. Amdahl
1984 Ralph E. Gomory
1985 Carver A. Mead
1986 Robert E. Kahn
1987 No award given
1988 No award given
1989 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
1990 No award given
1991 No award given
1992 Edward S. Davidson
1993 No award given
1994 Azriel Rosenfeld
1995 Michael J. Flynn
1996 Leonard Kleinrock
1997 James Thornton
1998 Vishwani D. Agrawal
1999 Ahmed H. Sameh
2000 John Iliffe
2001 Oscar H. Ibarra
2002 Ian F. Akyildiz
2003 Peter Chen


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