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A great computer game that was spawned in the mid 90s. It was an adventure game where you, some guy, suddenly wakes up in this world. It's a 50s-ish world that is full of horror. This is not an original idea but I think this game took it to a new level (at least for computer games). The atmosphere of the game was really surreal (Atmosphere is pretty much the only reason I play adventure games anymore). There was a baby that lived in a house full of wasps. There was a huge creepy house in the middle of a pristine-looking town. The game had (even for back then) terrible quality computer-generated movies but they got the message across. I remember two distinctly. There was one of this house full of satanic wasps. One of the satanic wasps was raping a spider (Something you'll probably never see ever again). Also, a baby that just takes a huge tarantula and just eats it. This game disturbed me to a point that I just stopped playing it. I would play it now so that I can disturb and mess up my brain in order to think more creatively but damn, I can't find a copy anywhere.

Har"vest*er (?), n.


One who harvests; a machine for cutting and gathering grain; a reaper.

2. Zool.

A harvesting ant.


© Webster 1913.

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