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Harvey's is a fast food joint with many locations scattered across the Great White North. The first time I had been to one was when I was in Toronto; It was also the first place I ever tried the delectable dish known as poutine.

From an American perspective, Harvey's fare may somewhat resemble a Wendy's, while having a little of the Burger King "We Do it Like You Do It" feel to it. In fact, they usually make your burger in front of you, which allows you both a great degree of control over the condiments and assurance of the meal's quality.

Finally, and perhaps a breath of fresh air from what I've seen at many fast food locations, Harvey's also offers veggie burgers for those of the vegetarian persuasion. I am not a vegetarian, but it's nice to see that they have offerings for those who have made such a choice.

If you are a non-Canadian who has never been to Harvey's, or even a Canuck who has thus far managed to avoid it, you really should check it out the next time you see one.

One more reason for vegetarians to give props to Harvey's:

Not only do they serve veggie burgers, but each restaurant has a special burger-flipper which is used only for veggie burgers, AND a special section of the grill which is used for veggie burgers and only for veggie burgers.

This may only be true of Harvey's in the Montreal area; I haven't verified it anywhere else in Canada. Still, as a vegetarian, I think it's pretty damn cool that they put so much thought into such things.

Also, the Harvey's on Place Jacques-Cartier serves beer.

The veggie burgers are pretty good, by the way

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