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Hashomer Hatzair can claim credit for a lot of how Israel is today. In addition to having an very active role in the Warsaw ghetto uprising (the leader, Mordechi Anielewicz was in charge of the local gatherings of HH) they were active in Haganah, the under ground movement in pre-Israel Palestine, which became the center of the Palmach. They started the Kibbutz Artzi movement, essentially a Kibbutz for kibbutzim (Hebrew plural).

Hashomer started with the merging of a scouting group and a philosophy group, Hashomer (The Watchman) and Ze'irei Zion (Youth of Zion) in 1911, making it the first of several Zionism, socialist, youth groups. The origins hold true today as both chanuch (education)as well as tzofiut (scouting) are important parts of Hashomer programs.

There are currently 2 summer camps in North America, and about 5 or 6 kenim(local meeting groups).

A person in involved with HH is a Shomer, literally, a guard.

Symbols of Hashomer Hatzair:

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