No, this isn't a passover greeting in Israel (at least not one i use). It's more of a law. Yes, in an advanced and democratic country such as Israel, we have laws that prove that all countries should change to our form of government. Our form of government being, as a New York Times reporter who came to israel recently said "it is incredible that they managed to take a terrible form of government and make it even worse."

But to our agenda: while it is legal to do horribly unjewish things such as

it is illegal to By "unkosher for passover", i mean only food that is not kosher specifically for passover, i.e. mostly anything with wheat, rye etc. so McDonalds sells yucky matza flour patty CHEESEburgers. Cheese and meat, but not on a bun. Oh no. Is it just me, or does everybody see the sheer colossal stupidity of it all?

Religious laws in a democratic country. It's just that the law for "no bread during passover" passed in parliament (knesset), while the one for "kill everyone who eats meat and milk products within half an hour of each other" didn't. So we get half-assed laws which lead to ridiculous hamburgers. And on top of it all an orthodox interior minister who makes sure that when people go to a cafe, they'll eat their BLT on matza.

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