For the past two years, we've been having problems with a shoplifter at our store. He's made several successful attempts at lifting product on over 15 different occasions, and was able to do it sporadically enough and through enough employee turnover that he wasn't able to be pegged down until recently. He's come in armed with a box cutter. He's been ignored by security guards (naturally). On one occasion he cut the store manager (with the boxcutter) and bit an assistant manager who attempted to block his path before getting away.

So anyways, recently we've managed to get pictures and file reports, and of course the police couldn't really do anything about it unless he was caught in the act with product on him. So one day recently he was in the store during the afternoon, and one of the employees called dispatch to report him there. So they come down, catch him with product, and arrest him.

Here's where it gets odd. This guy has the bright idea to get legal representation from the NAACP, and to try to file a civil case against our store. He was under the impression that a white employee made the dispatch call, when it was actually made by a black employee. Not that it really matters, I mean. Of course, everything can be made into a racial issue in Memphis.

So yeah, I guess he feels that his rights were infringed upon as a black man trying to fight consumerism by shoplifting, or something. Brothas being kept down by having to actually buy shit!

Shit like this is exactly why I managed to get the hell out of the retail trade, and back into computer-geekery-for-profit.

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