I don't know where this originated from but I've seen it in several places and it's an interesting list of musical puns.

Haydn's Chopin Liszt at Vivaldi's

Rossini and cheese
Schumann polish
Bern-n-stein remover
Satie mushrooms
batteries (Purcell)
BeethOVEN cleaner
Hummel microwave meals
orange Schubert
TchaiCOUGHsky drops
Honey-nut Berlioz
Chef Boyardee Raveli
Chocolate Webers (wafers)
Del Monteverdi corn
Mozart-rella cheese
sour cream and Ives
Strauss (straws)
new door Handel
Golden Brahms
Little Debussy snack cakes
Oscar Meyerbeer bologna
I Can't Believe it's not Rutter
Bach of serial (opera)
chicken Balakirev

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