i was walking down the street
into the fleet
of pedestrains

when quite to my surprise
(in clever guise, i did surmise!)
i came upon

it was dressed as Darth Vader
with kittens under every arm
blessing every parking meter
& generally being a nuisance.

but done was no harm
, though the cause for alarum
scarred the barbershop harem
straight out through the cwm


to do:

  1. speak more abt my self
  2. ensure spell correct
  3. do links more like everywhere
    (enhancing! the poem. with subtext)
  4. have a larger punctuation some times
  5. where is the love?
  6. increase subject matter (insert chairs)
  7. also rhyme the beginning of each line
    (or just repeat first word)
  8. find synonym for 'nuisance' ending with '-rm'

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