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A method of making a decision fairly between two choices, and also a very simplistic game. For example, in a soccer game, to decide which team starts with the ball, one team calls "tails" or "heads" after the coin is thrown into the air. It's standard practice to call your choice while the coin is in the air. Some people look at the coin on the ground once it lands, and whichever side is upwards is the winner. Others catch the coin in their palm, and then flip it over into their other hand quickly. Once again, whichever side is up wins.

Some people argue that one side of the coin is lighter than the other, so that it's more likely to come up (the heavier side would go downwards). However, that's more superstition than anything. A fun game to play on your little brother or sister is to say, "Heads I win, tails you lose," since no matter what you win.

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