Although my main interest on E2 has moved from ultra hot sauces to terrible books, I still am a fan of fruit bearing capsaicinoid compounds and condiments made thereof. This, the grandiloquently named Heartbreaking Dawn's 1498 Cauteriser, is one that I've recently been using in my cuisine. It's unusual in that it's the first one that I've seen which is made from Trinidad Scorpion Butch T peppers, which, as you will no doubt be aware, replaced the Dorset Naga in 2010 as the hottest chilli in the world.

However, the sauce is less hot than most Naga-based sauces, probably because it has a very large wad of vinegar and oil dumped into it. And blueberries. Actually, don't scoff, the blueberries make it really rather nice tasting. I don't know whether it complements the flavour notes of a Trinidad Scorpion because the only people who've eaten those are probably still strapped to the thunder box so I can't ask them. However it seems to work. I myself find it's quite nicely employed in a Burmese curry myself, what with the combination of ridiculous heat and sweet-and-sour taste. (A recipe will be forthcoming shortly, don't you worry.) Also it goes nicely in Thai curry methinks.

Scoville units? No idea, on account that I've not found any reliable readings. I'm guessing about 400,000 of them, which is a smidgeon hotter than Mad Dog 357, two thirds the heat (or just thereunder) of Dave's Ghost Pepper Sauce, or equivalent to roughly 72.73 jalepenos.

This stuff makes an excellent hangover cure as well, by the way. It's also nice and runny so you can slather it over a chip cob after a night oot on the tap without let or hindrance.


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