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E5 - 659.3 Hz

My strident darling altissimo antagonist,
decadent descant soaring above the primary melody,
harmonic overtones cutting through like the voice of a flute,
my rapid pulse demarcating every grace and semiquaver,
mordent and spiccato,
and when you were overwound and snapped,
only you have ever cut me.

A4 - 440 Hz

My storyteller, my orator, my voice of an angel
caught between wire wound upon wire,
my eloquent chanter
brassy and bright, my reference point
for all other tuning, my invariant standard,
soprano strength and sweetness, axis of all other activity,
and when I carry you back to where you rest,
you are always the first to sing in protest at the loss of my touch.

D4 - 293.7 Hz

My mellow, clarion harmony,
my flexible bridge across registers,
my third position anchor for the most precise articulations,
starting point to half my scales,
mournful and rich on your own,
tight and bold in triple-stops,
you are entirely to blame for my calluses.

G3 - 196 Hz

My dark, warm alto undertones,
my chalumeau drone, the breath beneath the beat,
the hunger humming with every change in bowing,
every heavy chop I strum,
the breves of Canon,
you say the least, but you are always the closest to my ear.

Iron Noder 2017, 24/30

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