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Heather Havrilesky (1971- ) is the actual name of the now defunct suck.com's Polly Esther, the writer of the Suck's Filler column. She was offered the staple Wednesday feature after serving a brief stint at the San Francisco e-zine as a copy editor, a position for which she had no actual training or experience - a job she in fact lied to get. She found her niche writing the Filler strip (illustrated by Terry Colon), presenting her jaded and cynical view of modern relationships, occupations and psychological problems to her jaded and cynical readers.

Prior to her time at Suck, she grew up in North Carolina, attended Duke University, majored in psychology and learned to play the Fender Telecaster.

During her time at Suck, she obsessed about commitment-phobic men, David Foster Wallace and crack-smoking canadian rabbits.

Now, after Suck, she writes opinion piece columns for Salon.com and maintains a weblog at http://www.tinylittlepenis.com/



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