Could you please turn off that racket!

It's not racket, it's heavy metal.

-Faye Valentine and V.T., the Heavy Metal Queen
Heavy Metal Queen is the 7th episode of the 26 episode television anime series, Cowboy Bebop. This episode was written by Michiko Yokote, and originally broadcast as episode 3 on 4.17.98, WOWOW broadcast this episode in its proper place on 12.04.98.

Cowboy Bebop is a science fiction show that follows a crew of misfit bounty hunters. Spike Spiegel, an ex-assassin for a crime syndicate; Jet Black, an ex-law enforcement agent; Faye Valentine, a thief, gambler, and seductress; Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, a teenage computer genius; and Einstein, a data dog.

Faye and Spike have been sent down to Mars after a smuggler who is delivering a large cargo of explosive chemicals. They have a tip off that the man has a dragon tattoo. However, they have quite a few things against them. The town is swarming with bounty hunters who have gotten a lead, and Spike has a huge hangover.

He quickly becomes friends with a woman at the bar, V.T., a space trucker, but their friendship is hurt when V.T. learns that Spike is a bounty hunter. It is quickly healed when Spike finds out that his ship has been vandalized and in no condition to leave. V.T. offers a ride to both Spike and Faye, who had the bounty run off on her after he blew up Faye's ship. V.T. delivers them back to the Bebop.

When V.T. hears about a trucker friend of hers who got cut off by a truck that fit the description Faye gave of the bounty's ship, V.T. enlists her help to catch the Bebop's prey. Unfortunatly, she isn't aware that she's heading into the Linus Mines, an asteroid that contains unstable reactors. So it's up to Spike and Faye to catch up quick and help V.T. and get the bounty!

Episode Info
Episode #: 7
Written by: Michiko Yokote
Original BroadCast #: 3
Original Airdate: 4.17.98
WOWOW Airdate: 12.04.98
Miscellanous Info
Decker - 12 Million Woolongs
Old Three Men Appearance:
Guessing V.T.'s name. They fail by guessing a name that doesn't even begin with her initials.
Doggy Dog
LIVE in Baghdad
Ending Line:
See you Space Cowboy...

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The Jazz Messangers -
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