Heavy Weapons Guy

A Quake Team Fortress Class

The Heavy Weapons Guy is the slowest moving and most heavily armored class. He can wear a limit of 300 red armor. He uses the axe, the shotgun, the super shotgun, and the assault cannon. His grenade types are Hand and Mirv. An almost purely defensive class, the heavy weapons guy can kill any fully armored enemy with a few seconds of concentrated fire from the assault cannon. Mainly effective in open areas, he can be killed by weaker classes if they've got plenty of cover, due to the time taken for the assault cannon to spin up and down.

Assault Cannon:

It takes 4 cells to power up the assault cannon, and when it begins to fire it eats up shotgun ammo at a frightening rate. Due to the weight and kick of the weapon, the heavy weapons guy must have both feet on the ground to fire it. The Guy can move slowly while spinning the cannon, but can only fire while standing still. Also, the longer the weapon spins, the more unstable the heavy weapon guy's aim becomes.

Other Notes:

Due to his size and armor, the heavy weapons guy is not fazed much by injury. He gets knocked around less.
Some heavy weapons guy tips:

Your main weapon is not the chaingun. Your main weapon is the super shotgun. This is because defending the base is not about standing in one spot and expecting the other team to come to you. As the most imposing class in the game, they will be trying their best to avoid you, so standing there like a lemon for 2 1/2 seconds is not the best strategy here. The idea is to empty seven rounds of super shotgun (not eight or it will automatically reload)into an attacker to get their attention, and if they bite, chew them up with the chaingun. If they run away, chase them with your shotgun, which still has eight rounds left in it.

Times you'd want to use the chaingun
When you're facing three or more soldiers in a ramp room, and you know you're going to die
When you're facing lots of scouts in a ramp room, you're covering all the exits, and you know they're going to die
When you've just been hit by a concussion grenade. You don't move around while the chaingun's firing.
When a soldier's just fired his fourth rocket at you
When you can track a flag carrier for long enough to puree him

Times you'd not want to use the chaingun
On a spiral staircase
When you're standing on a grenade (especially napalm)
When there's millions of teammates kicking around
When you're standing at a fort entrance
When you're hunting snipers

Miscellaneous tips
To deal with someone circle strafing you: Get the chaingun out, and spin in the opposite direction - You'll hit them once every 180 degrees, as opposed to not at all if you're on a modem
On most maps the only way to get to 300 armour is by virtue of an engineer. So be nice to them and look after their sentry guns.

lj's suggestions work great (and improved my already decent game considerably;), but I'd like to add my suggestions from my experience. These all come from Team Fortress Classic for Half-Life, not the original Quakeworld Team Fortress, as I have only played the former.

First off, remember that heavy weapons guys are, in effect, mobile sentry guns (at least when using the chaingun...). They are slow-moving and easily targeted by snipers, but by no means cumbersome. It seems that too often the opposition writes off hwguys as threats for capturing because of their speed. This is most often done by soldiers, as they feel their theoretically comparable weaponry and slight boost in speed would give them the tactical advantage. This could not be more wrong.

In clear-cut CTF-type maps (2fort, well, etc.), a fully loaded hwguy can often not only infiltrate the enemy base and get the flag, but also return to his base and get the capture without dying, often picking up 3-10 kills in the process.

    Here goes:
  • remember your grenades (this actually applies to all classes, not just hwguys)
  • watch for enemy detpacks and grenades, especially napalm and concussion: you may have 100 health/300 armor, but you're not invincible
  • MIRVs in enemy respawns are very effective (or used to be until Valve took this feature out)
  • flag movement isn't just for medics and scouts; on maps like avanti and dustbowl, hwguys are often the only class that can move the flag through a sentry gun nest or grenade gauntlet.
  • watch your ammo: if you run out of shells, you're dead (again, this applies to all classes)
  • when following lj's last miscellaneous tip, remember to look after the SGs, while neither standing there stealing their kills nor neglecting your defensive duties; it's a delicate balance

That's all for now. When I think of more I'll update.

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