A terrific play by Henrik Ibsen, written in 1890, that examines the moral faults of society. When well performed this play will stick with a viewer. I saw a performance of it several years ago and I still find it one of the best plays I've ever seen done.

Hedda Gabler: The daughter of a famous general who is used to luxury. She is intelligent, unpredictable and slightly manipulative. At the start of the play she is returning from her honeymoon with husband Jurgen Tesman.

Jurgen Tesman: A friendly and intelligent scholar. He does not make much money. Hedda treats him as a fool- because he is foolish. But he loves her and tries to make her happy.

Juliane Tesman: Called Aunt Julle to Jurgen and she raised him after his parents died. Well-meaning, but constantly harping on the couple to have a child. She has a tough time getting along with Hedda.

Judge Brack: A constant visitor at the Tesman household. He enjoys meddling in business other than his own.

Ejlert Lovborg: A genius and Tesman's biggest competitor in the academic world. His latest book received rave reviews, and he has a new one on the way. He and Hedda used to be very close.

The entire play takes place in the Tesman living room and in an adjoining room on the side. The play focuses on Hedda, and the story is primarily about her inability to adjust to the bourgeois lifestyle which she married into. She feels she has a passion for life, and longs to see that passion everywhere. Hedda's boredom leads to her toying with the other characters; her power is daunting and all of the men in the play find it beguiling. Her power is what leads to her destruction and their inevitable destruction as well.

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