Cultural consciousness is a major theme in environmental art pieces by the Harrisons, but they go further to make an immediate environmental improvement as well. Some of their main goals are to improve the scars humans have caused and to return rivers back to a more natural state. By damming rivers and changing the river floodplains, wildlife diversity has been greatly decreased, and therefore, artificial dams scar the earth. However, curing these problems is very difficult and sometimes almost impossible. Like the Christos, the Harrisons also have to deal with local political committees that are often resistant to changing the flow of their rivers. Specifically detailed plans must be presented as well as environmental impact studies. The intense economic and political battles that the Harrisons have while trying to create their artwork inevitably cause public awareness to existing environmental problems. Even if the piece is rejected by the public and industries that rely on dams, the Harrisons’ process always creates awareness. Long after the proposed construction is forgotten, the idea still remains. The Harrisons want the world to know that we must respect the environment instead of scarring and consuming its resources. The Harrisons aren’t merely scientists, environmentalists, or construction workers. They are artists because they critique the tampered environment and express themselves in a meaningful way. Like any painter, poet, or musician, they express themselves through creation, and by directly interacting with the environment, they create environmental art.

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