Actually, Ka-50 Black Shark and Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters have operational ejection seats. The rotor blades are fastened to the hub by means of explosive bolts. Prior to ejection, the blades are jettisoned. The jettisoned blades pose serious threat to nearby objects, and therefore a certain amount of separation is required while flying in formation.

We will destroy you in wiffleball. Rockonward.

An interesting band based in East Norwich, NY. East Norwich is on Long Island.

They commonly spell their name as one long word: helicopterejectionseat. The band consists of two bass players and a drummer.

Band members are:
Nicholas Alexander Kass (Bass)
Philip Andreas Kennedy (Drums)
Ryan Vincent McMahon (Bass)

Helicopterejectionseat songs lack vocal melodies and lyrics, but have interesting titles like "Super Nova Scotia", "Magma or Lava" and "Where Is The Human Torch When You Need Him?"

The music is generally mellow and features highly structured interweaving bass melodies over indie-rock beats. Helicopterejectionseat is an interesting contrast to Monster Attacks!, a two piece band that is just bass and drums, but is much more ferocious and sounds much less structured (even though they are not).

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