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Hendrix College is a four-year, liberal arts college in Conway, AR. It was started as a Methodist institution, however the church has little affiliation with the college at this time.

I could tell you all about Hendrix, but the following snippet from the Fiske Guide to Colleges sums up the institution beautifully:

Hendrix College is a surprisingly liberal school plunked down in the heart of Arkansas, offering rigorous academics in an intimate setting. Hendrix is strong in many areas but the natural sciences are definitely its forte. Math, psychology, history, and English are also well respected, and future entrepreneurs flock to economics and business. For would-be engineers, Hendrix has five-year programs with Columbia, Vanderbilt, and Washington University in St. Louis. Undergraduate research is also a distinctive feature at the school and students are given the chance to present their research at regional and national symposia.

One of the greatest things about Hendrix (at least in my opinion), is that you won't find a football team or a fraternity on its campus. Now, before you all-American types freak out, they do offer some athletics. Their most popular are soccer and rugby.

The campus, while small, is strikingly beautiful. There are fountains, waterfalls, trees, flower gardens and wonderful architecture at every turn. It is the kind of place that even non students will go and hang out. It's a great place for a picnic.

Hendrix is ranked in the top 100 liberal arts colleges in America, according to US News.


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