The sweet prettiness of pop undergoing its own sonic destruction. Is this some kind of negative theology? Some kind of self-cancellation? To create a simple bright melody and bury it deep under layers of feedback and drone and white noise. 1960's pop radio filtered through post-apocalyptic machinery ala the Jesus and Mary Chain, boy-girl vocals ala My Bloody Valentine (but more forceful). Hayyim played bass, Amy and Matt sang and Amy and Matt played guitar and Amy and Matt played drums. They were a band.
Now we have the Aisler's Set.
Now we have Sounds Of The Barbary Coast.
We have Total Shutdown.
And sometimes we have the How.


Henry's Dress were from Alberquerque for a while, but then mostly from San Francisco.

Henry's Dress discography (taken from

"Pig" on Terra X Magazine Vol. 2 CD Compilation
"1620" & "Stumble" 7" on I Wish I was a Slumberland Record
"Feathers" split 7" with Tiger Trap on Slumberland Records
"You Killed a Boy for Me" & "Sally Wants" on Why Popstars Can't Dance compilation on Slumberland Records (vinyl only)
Henry's Dress 10" ep on Slumberland Records (CD includes Popstars comp tracks)
"All This Time for Nothing" split 7" with Flake on Omnibus Records
Bust `Em Green LP on Slumberland Records
"Over 21" & "Can't Make it Move" tour single with Rocketship on Slumberland

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