Reverend Henry Lucas (1610 - 1663) was an English philanthropist and Member of Parliament for the University of Cambridge. In addition to being an MP, Lucas was also the secretary to the Chancillor of the University, and he is most famous for providing the endowment for the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge. In addition to this endowment, he bequeathed over four thousand volumes to the Cambridge University library, a very substantial donation for that time.

In addition to his work for and endowments to Cambridge, Lucas also gave money to found a hospital and almshouse for poor, elderly men of the Berkshire andSurrey region in England. A hospital was built in 1675, and Lucas' endowment continued until 1923, when the charity was dissolved by Parliament, and replaced by another.

Lucas was a bachelor and died with no heirs, which probably led him to make the charitable donations he did when he died. A statue of Henry Lucas can be found at the gate of Old Schools, St. John's College, on Trinity Lane in Cambridge.


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