David Lynch wrote and directed a movie called Eraserhead. Released finally in 1977, it took about four years to create. The main character of this film, a sad, lonely, quite-possibly insane man whose clothes don't really fit him too well, who has an enormous pile of hair on top of his dresser, a bucket of liquid (ostensibly water) in said dresser, and a small tree on his nightstand, is Henry Spencer.

Henry works at Le Pell's factory, which somehow in some way has something to do with printing, and has a girlfriend -- she becomes his wife early on in the film -- named Mary.

He lives in apartment 26, and his neighbor across the hall, a foxy seductress and prostitute, looks a lot (IMHO) like Sandra Bernhard*.

* NOTE: When first writing this, I mistakenly typed
"Sandra Bullock" instead of "Bernhard"; thus the

Henry Spencer (for coders)

Henry Spencer was a soft-spoken giant in the realm of Unix, usenet and coding standards, engaged for the longest time as sysadm for the University of Toronto Zoology department.

A lengthy w/u on Henry can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Spencer

I am indebted to Henry for giving my coding sample a thumbs up thereby clearing the way for me to be hired by the UofT into what was the most diverse and interesting job of my life.

From my then perception and now recollection, Henry worked closely with Geoff Collyer http://www.collyer.net/who/geoff/ on extending netnews, often into the wee, small hours.

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