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A young woman was parked along the side of a quiet, urban street one night. There were no lights from nearby shops illuminating the street, and few cars passing by.

She got into her car, and began the procedure for starting up her car and driving away. As she was about to turn on her headlights, another car came along the road in the same direction that her car was pointed. Just as the other car was nearly beside her own, she turned the headlights on.

This was just in time for her to illuminate a jay walker that was about to run across the street. It was also timed just right for her to see in that pale, horror film glow the destruction of a human life. The other car's right, front headlight smacked the hip of the jay walker, and sent him spinning. All was silent as this happened, save for the horrific scream of the young woman who was unfortunate enough to be a witness.

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