It was the early evening of a night on the town with a few friends, we stopped into the Enigma bar on Hindley Street, Adelaide to take advantage of their cheap beer and available pool table.

I was waiting for my friend to take his shot and started absentmindedly gazing around the room. My eyes were not focused on any particular distance, and I let them follow the unfocussed patterns made by walls, tables, chairs and patrons of the bar.

For some reason I felt compelled to bring my eyes to focus on the mid distance and when I did, I saw a strange girl sitting down, with her middle finger raised and pointed towards your humble narrator.

I continued to stare, it was surreal. Why this random act of rudeness?

There was no concious oogling on my part, though the blank expression on my face while I was taking in the place may have given her that idea. That is my only explanation, though I am only male, how can I possibly even begin to understand the thought processes of women?

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