Avocado, Catnip, Flax, Ginseng, Maidenhair, Rose, Rosemary, and Witch Hazel.

Magickal suggestions for beauty:

Get an avocado and make a paste out of the innards. Use a rose quartz stone, or several stones (big enough to fish out afterwards) in the mixture, mixing together. If you choose, listen to a particularly beautiful piece of music while you mix, and empower it with any chants or visualizations of what you'd like it to fix. Spread the mixture (without the stones) on whatever areas of your face or body have been bothering you, or if you are squeamish about spreading avocado paste on yourself or have to go someplace shortly afterwards, place it in a baggie and rub that over the problem areas.


Make a face mask out of pink cloth, like a small pillow with an elastic band to hold it on. Stuff it with some rose petals and wear while sleeping over the eyes. After donning the face mask and closing your eyes, call up visions of beauty or your imperfections melting away, or simply looking beautiful to the one you care about.


Simply wear opal jewelry that has been anointed with rosemary oil.

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