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Bay, Black Willow, Broom, Camphor, Cherry, Cinnamon, Clove, Dandelion, Goldenrod, Hazel, Henbane, Hibiscus, Ivy, Meadowsweet, Mugwort, Orris, Pomegranate, Rowan, and Sage.

Magickal suggestions for divination:

If it's possible, grow your own sage and bay; if not, use store-bought for this. Stir up the sage and bay until it is thoroughly mixed (crushing the bay leaves if necessary), and then add some water and vegetable oil to it until it is damp but not liquid. Use this mixture to anoint your pulse points and/or your "third eye" (on your forehead) before you begin reading Tarot cards or scrying.


To help get into a meditative state of mind, get some cherries. Put one in your mouth and chew until only the pit is left. Now turn the pit over and over on your tongue, with your eyes closed, visualizing the problem or question you're turning over in your mind. You may also wish to use cinnamon oil to anoint water if you are going to be scrying.


Mugwort is an especially effective divination herb. Rub it on any scrying glasses or crystal balls, especially outside under a full moon, to charge.

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