Basil, Hawthorn, Sandalwood, and Squill root.

Magickal suggestions for luck in business ventures:

If you have a particular decision you have to make, report for work you have to write, or idea you need to present, write down its outline or main points on a piece of paper, light a green candle, and put the paper on the altar while gazing at the flame, envisioning your superior's or customer's response. Pass the paper through sandalwood incense smoke and really see it working when you put in action, your own flawless presentation making it work. If you have some actual sandalwood in herb form, bring a sachet of it with you while you give your presentation.


Use a basil-and-water solution to anoint the front door of your business or your work area. It works best if you have placed the solution on your altar and charged it with particular success energy for at least three days, ending on a Wednesday.


Grow basil seeds in a pot. Toss a penny or other coin into the pot whenever you need a piece of luck.

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