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Now... I'm not a fighter.

Then... I had no choice.

It's hard to remember how my little mind worked those 22 years ago, but I know it damn well worked better than it does now.

Then... I see someone fall through the ice, I bolt, dive onto my stomach, slide forward, legs apart, trying to spread the weight, left arm down, elbow sliding, creating the third anchor, just like rock climbing, right hand down, YES!, got 'im! No current! Lucky! Roll, so I don't fall into the breaking ice, don't let go, don't stress, he'll do the hard work of climbing out.

Now... I get out of a train, I see a man laying on the platform, I'm in a rush, there are a hundred people in front and another hundred behind, I don't want to be the weirdo that stops, so I keep walking, I walk down the ramp, across the road and up to my bus stop. I look at the time and I have 5mins until the bus, I look back and I don't see a commotion, so like a guilty chickenshit pussy that I am, I walk back and find the bloke still laying on the platform, people calmly waiting for their train here and there.
I kneel down and call an ambulance, they talk me through what I need to do, and I realise that everyone is now crowding around, everyone wants to help; I leave as soon as it's deemed safe, I get the person who is pretending to care the most to wait for the ambulance (in my mind as a punishment), and I walk away both disappointed in myself for walking past to begin with, and angry at the rest of the population for making this coward make the first move.

I understood/understand herd mentality, but this was the first time I (fully) saw it in action.
And I was part of the herd.

God help us all

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