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Debut album by brit Ed Harcourt. Released in 2001 on Heavenly recordings and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize that year. Didn't win though (that honour deservedly went to P.J. Harvey with the amazing Stories from the City, Stories from the sea).


1. Something in my Eye
2. God Protect Your Soul
3. She Fell Into My Arms
4. Those Crimson Tears
5. Hanging with the Wrong Crowd
6. Apple of my Eye
7. Beneath the Heart of Darkness
8. Wind Through the Trees
9. Birds Fly Backwards
10. Shanghai
11. Like Only Lovers Can

On a side note, the phrase 'Here Be Monsters' was commonly used by cartographers on maps before the full layout of the Earth was known. It would be written on the edge of the known seas beyond which, it was believed, were monsters and other bad things.

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