In this beautifully simplistic song, songwriter George Harrison utilizes bright, major chords to reflect the vivid imagery he uses to induce feelings of happiness and nostalgia. "Here Comes the Sun" is a song about the end of a bad time in one’s life, and sprouting a new, great experience. It is about reflecting on the old, but moving on with your life and knowing that the "sun" has come out everything is "all right."

And indeed, George was moving on. "Here Comes the Sun" is from the Beatles' last album, Abbey Road. He wasn't happy, nor were any of the bandmembers, in their position in the Beatles as a group. But the group were parting ways, and it really was for the best. All things must pass.

"Here Comes the Sun" makes me feel happy because of its positive and hopeful lyrics. The reason I like most songs is the fact that I can relate to them, connect with them. This song lets me know that no matter how horrible and grey life can get, the sun will always come out in the end. To me, I just can’t help but smile when he sings "it’s all right" followed by the little fingerpick of variants of the D chord.

This song perfectly blends optimistic lyrics with glowing, lustrous chord progressions. The lyric perfectly reflect the music, and the music perfectly reflects the lyric.

Of course, songs always mean different things to individual people and make them feel different things. This song will always be very special to me because it reminds me of the time my sophomore year when my hero, my grandfather passed away. It was a horrible time, but songs, especially this one, always helped me get through it, making me happy, and assuring me everything was going to be all right.

lyrics removed, because there would be no way in hell I could get permission to use a Beatles song. "Hello, MPL communications...?"

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