Codes for Hero's Quest:

Type in "Razzle Dazzle Root Beer"

push alt-b to edit your silver amount.

push alt-k to edit one skill
0 Strength
1 Intelligence

2 Agility
3 Vitality
4 Luck
5 Weapon Use
6 Parry
7 Dodge
8 Stealth
9 Pick Locks
10 Throwing
11 Climbing
12 Magic
13 experience
14 hit points
15 stamina points
16 magic points
17 open
18 detect magic
19 trigger
20 zap
20 dazzle
21 zap
22 calm
23 flame dart
24 fetch

push alt-i to edit inventory items
1 Silver Coin
2 Gold Coin
3 ration
4 mandrake root
5 Brass key
6 Broadsword
7 dagger
8 leather armour
9 shield
10 piece of paper
11 small apple
12 vegetable
13 glowing gem
14 alabaster vase
15 candelabra
16 music box
17 candlestick
18 string of pearls
19 Gold ring
20 spirea seed
21 small rock
22 flower
23 lockpick
24 theives toolkit
25 Guild licence
26 empty flask
27 green fur
28 fairy dust
29 flask of water
30 mushroom
31 cheetaur claw
32 troll beard
33 chain mail
34 healing potion
35 magic potion
36 vigor potion
37 nothing
38 dispel potion
39 undead unguent
40 hand mirror
41 magic acorn

push alt-t to teleport to another location/time

push alt-s to list the sprites currently on the screen

push alt-z to quit

Hero's Quest Metanode:

Hero's Quest I, by Sierra On-Line.

note: Hero's Quest's name was later changed to Quest for Glory. The Quest for Glory series is probably well known and culminates in the more recent Quest for Glory 5



magic user
Baron Steffan von Spielburg
Elsa von Spielburg
the healer
the sheriff
Otto von Goon
the Antwerp
'Enry the 'Ermit
Baba Yaga

magic elf

Flame Dart
Detect Magic

Key Places:
Healer's Hut
The town
Brigands Hideout
Thieves Guild
Erana's Peace
Meeps Layer
Baba Yaga's house
Evil troll's cave
To keep things straight: Hero Quest was a Milton Bradley board game (and later somewhat-buggy video game). Hero's Quest (So You Want To Be A Hero) was Sierra's workaround, but it was alas not around enough for MB's lawyers.

Like many others, this game offered a little rhyme to suggest some structure to the player:

Comes a Hero from the East
Free the man from in the beast
Bring the child from out the band
Drive the curser from the land

At the risk of some mild spoil, uh, -age, I'll somewhat deconstruct and elaborate upon this woefully misleading rhyme. Seems simple and straightforward enough, but remember that it lists ends, not means - you've got to do dozens of other sometimes-tedious, sometimes-hilarious little tasks, quests and puzzles to even approach completion of any of the above.

    Comes a Hero from the East
At the start of this game, you, the unnamed Hero, arrive fresh from courses offered by the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School for Heroes in your hometown of Willowsby - presumably located somewhere to the east of the sleepy hamlet of Spielburg, past the avalanche-blocked "Only Road Out Of Spielburg."

    Free the man from in the beast
This, of course, refers to the Hero's reversal of the transformation of the Baronet Bernard von Spielburg into a bear by the Kobold wizard - a minor sub-quest as far as game completion goes, but what's news about members of the royal family is I guess news for everyone in the area.

    Bring the child from out the band
Another transformation of sorts to be undone here - but this time a social one rather than a physical one. After her kidnapping so many years ago Else von Spielburg grew up to actually become the leader of the band of brigands terrorizing the valley under Baba Yaga's curse. Splashing her with the Dispel potion turns her from a kick-ass, in-control female (not to be permitted in any traditional fantasy setting unless perhaps the leader of a tribe of lesbian Amazons who just need to find the right man) back to another hapless ditz. I swear, much of this conventional heroism is distinctly amoral!

    Drive the curser from the land
This line is interesting since, if I recall correctly, it is possible and even easy to finish the game without driving anything anywhere.
    "Unfortunately, since the Baron is still cursed, and Baba Yaga remains to work her evil deeds, terror will continue to rule the land."
What is supposed to happen is that after dispelling Elsa's curse, you snatch the enchanted magic mirror of reflection on her desk, traipse over to Baba Yaga's Hut and reflect the spell she casts at you back on her. However, if you fail to take the mirror while in the Brigand Leader's room, or even do take the mirror and stop at the castle en route to Baba Yaga's, the game (EGA version, at least) ends - award ceremony, magic carpet and everything! Don't these people mind that they're still under the curse of an evil Ogress? She pops up again in QFG4, having retreated there after having her spell backfire on her, so the game designers clearly intend for your hero to have vanquished her back in QFG1... but strangely they arranged things to make it possible to complete, seemingly victoriously, without resolving the final, and most important, quarter of the prophecy! The forgetful player might never understand how they managed to complete the game with such a low score.

My personal favourite theory about this line refers to Sierra's disastrous move from the winking cursor of its command-line-type interface to the genky mouse-driven games they shifted into producing after the amazing Quest for Glory 2. As with all prophetic lines, this one took a while to kick in...

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