Pizza Hut has been attempting to reinvent the pizza for several years now (perhaps to help revive their lagging sales). It started off with the stuffed crust pizza. That is a pizza with cheese inside the crust. This pizza is supposed to be eaten crust first (according to their commercials).

Pizza Hut quickly moved on to introduce a double decker pizza, (The Insider). They take a plain cheese pizza and put sauce on top, and then more cheese, and finally they add the toppings that you ordered (a variant of this pizza has two layers of topping).

If all this wasn't enough, Pizza Hut now sells a breadstick pizza. The breadstick pizza has detachable breadsticks built into the outer crust. The commercial for this pizza features people arguing over what you are supposed to eat first, the pizza or the breadsticks.

What is in store for the future of Pizza Hut? I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with "Pizza in a Cup".

They now also do "The Edge", this is a pizza, which has no edge as such, and is sliced using a square grid. The theory is that the toppings go all the way to the edge.

What it actually means is that the toppings go all over your fingers, and clothes, and table, and anywhere else the poor hapless individual happens to put their hands…

This has a couple of nasty effects, it means (as I discovered) that the pizza is hard to grip, and can fly out of your hand, which makes eating them more of a challenge. It also means that their claim of cheese in places you'd never dream of becomes true, as you go home and put your grubby hands all over the place.
thank you pizza hut, for the greasy marks all round my flat...

Pizza Hut has come full circle. They started by adding cheese in the crust (Stuffed Crust), then in between topppings (Double Decker), then taking cheese to the "Edge", now they've reached a cheesy Nirvana: Stuffed Crust GOLD.

This pizza is surely the savior of mankind. The stuffed crust is garnished with a layer of cheddar (I think) cheese. It's not messy, either. It's more...crusty. If you like cheese, here is your magic formula:
  • A telephone
  • Bling
  • Large Pizza
  • Stuffed Crust GOLD
  • Cheeselover's Plus with Extra Cheese
  • Cheese Breadsticks
  • More cheese!
Then, my friend, you will die.

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