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The first expansion for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG following Jade Edition, and the first expansion to use the doomed Rolling Thunder release system. The Hidden Emperor expansion consisted of six mini-expansions with sixty to eighty new cards apiece, each mini-expansion featuring an individual Faction.

  • Hidden Emperor I was the show-off of the new Naga stronghold, Heart of the Shinomen, and informed everyone that, yes, they were abandoning the Crab Clan in the middle of the Shadowlands to attack the Dragon Clan. No reason given to the Empire- but they're the Naga. They don't need to explain their reasons to the potentially dangerous huu-mans...
  • Hidden Emperor II featured the new Monk stronghold, the House of Tao. Hoshi, formerly Togashi Hoshi, son of the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni, left the Dragon after Hitomi became Champion and started ordering the deaths of the old Togashi monks. In fact, he brought a lot of Togashi who didn't want to die with him.
  • Hidden Emperor III was the time of the Dragon Clan. Hitomi, Dragon Clan Thunder, ruling from the Kyuden Hitomi Stronghold, has taken control of the Dragon and is tattooing her own group of monks, the Hitomi family. And the Obsidian Hand is slowly crawling its way up her body. And, to all observers not blessed with her vision, she's getting a bit crazy. Not good.
  • Back in Rokugan, Hidden Emperor IV demonstrated that the majority of the Unicorn Clan has taken on the role of the Empire's Law. They're attempting to annex the now unoccupied Scorpion Lands, by the way, because they're obviously not being used.
  • Hidden Emperor V brought the new Yoritomo's Alliance stronghold, Kyuden Yoritomo. Yoritomo's Alliance is attempting to annex the Scorpion lands, too, because Emperor Toturi instructed them to. They fight with the Unicorn.
  • Hidden Emperor IV tells everyone about how the Crane Clan also wanted Scorpion lands. Doji Kuwanan kicks both Yoritomo's Alliance and the Unicorn out and stakes his claim there, claiming to keep the Scorpion lands so that the Scorpion children, left behind by Bayushi Kachiko in care of the Crane, can have a place of their own to grow up in.

Hidden Emperor came in sixty-card starter decks, with nine-card booster packs that sold for $1.99 apiece.

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