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High Fidelity, of course, being the movie starring John Cusack which was filmed in Chicago in 1999. During that time I was living in Chicago, and I knew a bunch of the people involved in the production as well as a ton of freaks who worked real hard at being extras. I was feeling pretty lazy at the time, so I personally did nothing but sit around on the streets while local businesses were overtaken by film crews. I've had a few people from out of town ask me to show them where some of the movie sites are located, so I'll try real hard to run through a list without actually watching the movie and putting things down in order.

1) The site of Championship Vinyl: the corner of Milwaukee and Honore. There is an empty storefront littered with flyers outside, and I believe that it's the only empty site in all of Wicker Park, as the area is pretty full of prime real estate. Immediately across the street is a Burger King which never makes it into the film. The empty lot where Justin and Vincent are skating is the next lot over from the Burger King just past the "L" tracks.

2) Biograph/Lounge Ax: located on Lincoln Ave just NW of the big Fullerton/Halsted/Lincoln intersection in the busiest part of Lincoln Park. The Biograph is on the North side of Lincoln with the Lounge Ax site directly across the street. Lounge Ax has since closed, and now all that stands is empty storefront #2.

3) Actual record store interior: Just south of Diversey on Clark, there is a tiny record store called Hi-Fi Records which serves as the interior of the record store.

4) On W Division at the intersection with Damen is the location of the apartment where Charlie lives, and is caught by Rob with Marco. I was actually at the bar across the street from the apartment building while this scene was being shot, and it was my first experience with the heat and blinding lights, as well as the making of fake movie rain. The bar is now called "Thirteen", but at the time it was Roby's. It took the crews about an hour to hook up a huge hose to a fire hydrant ouside, and then they ran it up to a guy in a cherry picker parked in the street. That guy positioned the hose straight up into the air. When they turned on the hydrant - shitloads of fake rain.

5) Hi Ricky. One of my favorite restaurants in Chicago, I'm not sure which one is featured in the film. This is the scene where Lili Taylor and John Cusack go to eat and catch up on the past. The two possible Hi Ricky locations are W North Ave (Wicker Park) or N Southport (Lakeview near the Music Box).

6) The Music Box. The site of the movie review with Miss Hi School Prude. The Music Box is a great old theatre on North Southport where they show a lot of art films. Tickets are a little steep (~$9.00) but sometimes it's worth it to listen to the live organ player before the feature, and to see old Hitchcock films on the big screen. There's also a small screen for lesser known films in a room that seats only about 10 people.

7) Double Door. The big corner of Damen/North/Milwaukee, just up Milwaukee from the store site. This is a decent venue where the ticket prices are too high and beer is outrageously priced. I've only been there a few times, and I haven't been very impressed. That DJ booth in the middle of the room makes watching a show a huge pain in the ass unless you're standing right in front of the stage.

8) Rainbo. Bar where she and he go in the middle of the day to discuss that marriage proposal. I've never been inside, but I know they have a black and white photo booth, so I keep meaning to. It's located at Damen and Division.

9) Park where Laura and Rob buy records = Wicker Park. On Damen just south of the Double Door.

10) Earwax. This is the coffee shop where Charlie is being flamboyant as Rob flashes back to just how wonderful she was. The actual Earwax is a cafe on the first floor, and a pretty cool video store upstairs. There's something of a freak show theme. It's located next door to the Double Door on N Milwaukee.

That's all I can think of for now. If you can think of some parts of the movie that I didn't describe, send me a message so I can add it. (Yep, I might actually edit this node!)

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