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High among the clouds the eagle soars,
kites glide cutting the air, and airplanes roar.
Raindrops form beginning their lives among the highest of the high,
only to fall down like Lucifer and others, down from the sky.
But unlike the latter, that cursed lot, we see no reason to cry;
we run outside in incredible joy, away from the dry

indoors we have created in our persistent efforts
to control Nature's whims, Nature who shepherds
us humans and all other living beings on the blue planet of life,
this planet that has brought us happiness, ambivalence, and strife.
Look around, see our reality, see its immensity, see its entirety ripe
for the picking, just beyond our reach that clutches desperately for life.

High among the clouds must surely have been Cupid's aim,
for our gaze always looks up, whether with joy or disdain,
with hope or forfeit, with questions or answers, with anger or tears
as if the heavens above have no other job but to steer
our lives; as if relinquishing our responsibilites will rid us of our fears
and make us better people, better humans among our peers?

Our lives are our own, our deeds are our legacy,
and although there is no shame in depending, though it may seem contradictory,
on something greater than ourselves, something beyond our comprehension,
that does not excuse us from the consequences of our actions.
We all must walk tall, we children of life who exist as the fusion
of the irrational and the bright; what happens next is entirely our decision.

High among the clouds the overman looks down,
his face sporting a mostly hidden, but unmistakable frown.
His goal and vision looks broken and blurred, lost in the depth
of the waters of humanity's many flaws; his hopes and dreams swept
away, hidden under the rug. But I impore him not to feel forlorn; he may yet not have dealt
that perhaps he is part of something bigger, more than what he felt.

Maybe there is more to life than just looking down or looking up
maybe there's a left and right, maybe no end to our sight, nothing to stop
us from seeing more than what we choose to see. The true beauty of the dirt
upon which we tread is here for us to appreciate and love; happy should the birth
be of new problems and solutions - they define us, they show us our worth.
Never must we forget this for all our lives, for all the time we walk this Earth.

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