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A very poor Scottish soap opera. Virtually all the characters are over 70 - I think they're just subsidising their pensions with a spot of "acting". The dialogue is mainly a series of Scottishisms such as "ooch", "ach" and "och aye the noo". This despite the fact no-one in Scotland actually talks like that. The dire script writing is only surpassed by the feebleness of the plots and I believe the average audience on a good day to be something in the order of 5. Some English regions show Highroad although usually at about 4 in the morning and I read that they have now sold it to an Australian TV company. I was rather hoping to visit Australia this year but have now decided against it for fear of retribution.

High"road` (?), n.

A highway; a much travele or main road.


© Webster 1913.

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