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The Pacific Northwest offers many adventures for those who are the "outdoorsy" type and enjoy hikes and camping in beatiful areas like high mountain lakes, mountains that meet the ocean, rain forests, and mountain meadows. It is a great place to enjoy the Big Room with the Blue Ceiling.

Being a native of Washington State, I have had much experience exploring the area, and particularly enjoy the high Cascade Mountains and Olympic Mountains. The Cascades offer many mountain lakes that are attainable by either short or long hikes. My favorite is Packwood Lake, but other lakes of honorable mention are Echo Lake, Lost Lake, and Glacier Lake. Only attainable in the Summer do to the ammount of snow that the high Cascades get, high lakes in the Cascades are often awe-striking in their beauty and sereneness. Camping in these areas is often very relaxing and is a really good way to get away from the stresses of living and working in the city.

The Olympic Mountains are known for being the only temperate rain forest in North America. The Hoh River area is a particularly goods example of this. Located on the northern shore of the Olympic Penninsula, the Hoh river and the Hoh Indian reservation is best known for the 6-10 feet of moss hanging off of everything in site. The Hoh Indians are particularly friendly.

If you ever visit Washington State, I recomend you visit either the Cascades or Olympic mountain ranges.

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