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The Hiram-Maxim Historical Society based in Waterville, ME is dedicated to the use of and education about guns. More specifically, machine guns. Huge ones, too. Big 50 calibre, water-cooled puppies. Some people might say they are gun freaks, which is probably true. I'm sure that "if we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them" is among their many mottos.

Every year around the third weekend in July they hold an annual Hiram-Maxim Gun Shoot where collectors and enthusiasts from all around gather to shoot to their hearts content. A firing line 50 yards long becomes completely filled with firing machine guns at about 9am in the morning, and the fun doesn't stop till 9pm. This, the 2000th year, it is being held in Dover-Foxcroft, ME, the town of my birth. You can show up with your hearing protection and fire off some amazing historical pieces.. They even hold spectacular night-firings with tracers and incendiary rounds. Go join in the fun!

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