Firstly, you will probably want to read the node The Master in order to understand who he is... the arch-villain of Doctor Who.

Originally The Master appeared as The Monk, though since that has another node, I'll not repeat the same information. This is a history in which the actual character name The Master is used.

The Master's first character appearance was during the third incarnation of The Doctor, Jon Pertwee, in the episode Terror of the Autons (1971). The Master --played by Roger Delgado-- is a renegade Timelord from Gallifrey, Doctor Who's home planet who hopes to turn the tide of history in his favor. He is a super-genius, whose downfall is tragic hubris. In this episode, he is attempting to use the Autons to bring about a second invasion of the Nestene Consciousness. He is eventually defeated.

In The Mind of Evil, the Master is then attempting to capture a thunderbolt missile guarded by UNIT by way of an evil machine that kills people with their greatest fears.

In The Claws of Axos, the Master leads the organic Axon spaceship to Earth in order to drain it dry of energy. However, the plan goes awry and he and Doctor Who must team up to trap them in a time loop.

Not having learned his lesson, the Master discovers the location of the most powerful weapon in the universe, the Doomsday Weapon in The Colony in Space. Of course, he is foiled in his attempt to get it.

In The Daemons, the village of Devil's End becomes trapped inside a vast force field dome, much to the delight of the new vicar, Reverend Magister, in reality the Master. He is trying to summon up Azal, to gain his powers. The creature is more than capable of destroying the world, and the Doctor once again must intervene.

At some point between this episode and the next one he appears in, The Master becomes imprisoned on a remote island by Doctor Who.

In The Sea Devils, the good Doctor goes to visit The Master at said prison and finds out the Sea Devils, distant aquatic cousins of the Silurians, have been woken in their sea bed base. The Master is communicating with them, trying to persuade them to destroy mankind.

In The Time Monster we are taken back to the days of Atlantis, where the Master has created a sort of lesser-TARDIS, the Transmission of Matter Through Interstitial Time machine, or TOMTIT. He then tries to ensnare the power of the Chronovore, Kronos, a creature that feeds off time. In stopping the Master and Kronos, Atlantis is of course, destroyed.

The last episode of the first Master (though technically, the second) is Frontier in Space. This episode is a bit confusing, but Doctor who is imprisoned on Earth, the Master rescues Jo, the Doctor's assistant, and then later frees the Doctor while working in the employ of the Daleks. The Master is killed, ending his 12th Regeneration.

Rather than give up the ghost, however, he fights to remain alive, becoming a Lich. However, we do not see this until three years later, when he is seen in The Deadly Assassin which takes place on Gallifrey. He is now played by Anthony Ainley and eventually manages to gain new generations. By now the Doctor has also reincarnated and is played by none other than Tom Baker, the fourth incarnation, and most peoples favorite Doctor.

Then, sadly we do not see The Master for another five years until The Keeper of Traken. Where he once again attempts to release a terrible monster upon mankind. He then attempts something else, altering with some time controls on Logopolis in E-Space. However, it gets out of control, he and the Doctor must once again team up, and then attempts to kill the Doctor in a treacherous twist. In point of fact, it works. The beloved 4th incarnation dies, the Master is trapped in another Time Loop until rescued by The Rani, played by Kate O'Mara.

(more to come...)

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