The HHoF is located in BCE Place at 30 Yonge street in downtown Toronto. Access is convenient by subway or the GO train. It honours players, builders, sportswriters and broadcasters, and referees and linesmen from the game of hockey.

The HHoF was founded in 1943 and inducted its first members in 1945. The original site was to be Kingston, Ontario but later the site moved to Toronto when Conn Smythe took over and had a building constructed on the CNE grounds. Construction finished in 1961. The building was officially opened that same year by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.

It was a good start, but by the time I saw it in the mid-80s time had started to take its toll. In 1993 the Hall moved to the current location. It's a beautiful facility, with many interesting displays, interactive games, and the trophy area itself. The trophies are in the "Bell Great Hall," in the shell of an old bank building, an impressive 1890s building featuring a 45-foot-high roof (supported at one corner by a statue of Hermes) with a beautiful 24 panel stained glass dome at the top.

The Great Hall and features glass etchings of all the Hall's members, plus all the major NHL trophies. Displayed most predominantly is the current Stanley Cup. The original cup, and the retired cup bands, are kept inside the original bank vault. There's also an overpriced souvenir store adjacent to the hall (you have to walk through the store to exit the Hall).

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