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november 15, 2000
This morning after waking up I told myself to not forget the dream, driving to work I repeated to myself again to take note when I got to the office, then I forgot. It is difficult to recall what triggered my memory, however it was something far and unrelated, just clicked and I dug out some fast fading thoughts.

We had stolen a small (it felt so flimsy and light dangerous if we wrecked it) car from the side of a street, just got in and drove off with it. Someone had caught on to us and tipped off the cops. We would park it in this spot near where I lived, there was a parking lot nearby that I started seeing cops in a lot. I think they were trying to bust us for stealing the car, but for some reason they were unable to do anything besides taunt and stalk us, which probably was making them pretty mad. As long as we did not drive the car for more than a couple blocks at a time we were safe. So I would get in and start it up, check the mirrors noting the cops edging obscured slightly behind parked cars and other obstacles, and pull out. The cops would follow and swarm around lightly like flies getting thicker quickly, then I would pull over before it got too late, park, and walk away leaving the cops to go back to waiting.

Walking away, I stopped at a house to ask if I could walk through their side yard, but when the door opened it was someone I knew and they invited me inside as if they had been expecting me. It was a friends family, or parts of it at least, and they were sitting on the couch and floor playing some cryptic advanced version of tetris. They had a visitor over who was a young boy, they were alluding to the fact that he was a writer and we should go out and do some damage together. I tried to make sense of the tetris they were playing, understand the rules, it was too complicated and random so I gave up. The phone rang and I awoke.

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