Oh my god, some people came to my gathering and I was like "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Some people forgot some of their things. Among them are:
  • A contact lens case and saline solution
  • A scuffed timex watch
  • A rubber chicken
  • A red pillow
If any of this is yours and you want it back, let me know.
An e2 gathering at the very heart of where it all began! A tale of valour and honor, and moist noderflesh.

What you say?!

Filmed on location! Evil Dork, Evil Dork 2, and Army of Dorkness!

I've got your Holland, MI gathering... RIGHT HERE.

Ok, enough random phrases

The shindig is set to happen on the weekend of October 12, 2001, and, gods willing, we should make it all the way to Sunday before the urge to kill becomes too much.

More data will fill this space as the date approaches.

Ok, ok! I guess the date has approached enough.

Sleeping Room

  • Two guest bedrooms, both with beds in them.
  • A basement office
  • A main floor office
  • A living room and diningroom w/ futon.
  • A porch.
  • Another carpeted basement room that will also do in a pinch.
  • A nice large backyard with plenty of space in it for tent pitching (and oh, so level).
... soo, definitely bring your sleeping bags, and tents if you want. There should be plenty of room to sleep inside though. Now, to find those air mattresses...

My mother-in-law loaned me four floor pads that should help greatly.


  • Upstairs 1/2 bath
  • Mainfloor full bathroom
  • Downstairs shower (in laundry room, good luck locking the door but will do in emergencies)
There *is* city water, so don't worry about that stuff this time.


This area still under construction, but downtown is within easy walking distance and there's a park at the end of my block. Oh, and BSI is just a few streets over, so we can have fun storming the castle one day.

So, I was thinking we could go to the lake, or maybe play laser tag or paint ball. Bring ucky clothes if paint ball is of interest. And there's always Windmill Island.Umm, yeah. So, suggestions are appreciated. If you are interested in paintball, let me know, so I can get some numbers.


My house has a nice big kitchen, and anybody who wants to cook would be greatly welcome. *hint hint panamaus* ;)

Directions! UPDATED ON 9/29/01

My Address is:
87 E 23rd St
Holland, MI


So, here are some more easy directions to follow.

If you are coming from Lansing/Detroit/AnnArbor

  1. Get on I-96 West. Drive for a long time.
  2. In Grand Rapids, I-96 will split into I-196 going towards Holland and later Chicago, and I-96 going towards Muskegon. YOU WANT TO GET ON I-196 towards HOLLAND.
  3. Follow I-196 for about 30 minutes
  4. Exit I-196 at exit 55 towards ZEELAND/HOLLAND. I think the exit may automatically veer you to the right, but if it doesn't, turn right (west) towards Holland. This is Business 196. Stay on this road for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. You will pass 104th, 112th, and 120th. Right after 120th, You will see a large overpass. This is US-31. Get on the Loopy thing (second exit on the right) and go SOUTH towards St. Joseph. (if you actually get to St. Joseph, you've gone way way way too far and are screwed, so just go home.)
  6. There will be three lights after you get on US-31 (8th St, 16th St, and 24th St). YOU WANT TO TURN RIGHT (west) ONTO 24TH ST. This is the one with the Aldi's on the corner. YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! Go see the UNIFIED INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

If, on the other hand, you are coming from the Chicago Area.

  1. Get on I-196 Going north Towards Grand Rapids.
  2. Drive for a while.
  3. When you start to approach Holland, I-196 will split off into US-31 and I-196. Get off onto US-31
  4. Follow US-31 North into Holland. DONT GET OFF ON BUSINESS 31! (If you see an Arbys to your right, you've gone the wrong way. Either call me from there or get back on US-31 if you feel confident.)
  5. You will find alot of lights. When you reach 24th St, do a michigan left (this means drive past the light because there are no left hand turns allowed, and do a U-Turn at the thingy provided, then turn right onto the desired street) and GET ON 24th ST going west. SEE THE UNIFIED INSTRUCTIONS.

Ok, so now you are on 24th St going west. Good.

  1. Follow 24th St for a few minutes. Be careful, the speed limit is only 30. You will go over a couple of railroad tracks, and right around there, the speedlimit drops to 25. You will see a wooded park on the right hand side (this is prospect park).
  2. RIGHT AFTER THE PARK, TURN RIGHT (north). This is Prospect Ave.
  3. Turn left (west) again immediately onto 23rd St.
  4. 23rd St is only one block long and has a boulevard (strippy concrete and grass thing with trees and stuff running down the middle) and my house is on the right (north) side of the street. The house number is 87, (the gray one with blue trim, w/ the screened in porch, between the maroon house on the left and the light blue house on the right) and is likely the one with lots of cars in the driveway. My driveway is nestled between the no parking sign and the fire hydrant. If there's no space to park on my driveway, then you can park near the park (haha).
  5. My phone number is 616-494-9288 if you get lost. If you can't get through (if my directions turn out to be more horrible than usual), try Kendall's cellphone at 616-403-5096.

I am expecting people to start arriving in the late afternoon or evening on Friday, October 12, but if you are set to come earlier, call the house, or Kendall's phone, when you are about 45 minutes away and we'll make sure there's somebody there to receive you.


So, um yeah. more updates coming in the near future. ;)

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