I get frustrated by my machines sometimes. And it's not their fault.

At work, I spend most of my time on one of two quad processor IBM RS/6000 AIX boxes; since I got root and they got 1 GB of RAM, they is way cool!.

At home I use mostly Macs, but I also have three PC's which run linux. All right!

The source of my frustration is the interface, especially across all three boxes.

At times, I try to use VIkeystrokes on BBEdit, Windows accelarators on MacOS, and I generally screw things up with everybody poking at all sorts of arcane Unix command sequences that no reasonable person understands any longer on each of the other two OS'.

Clearly, I'm a mess!

Almost every night I dream that I am using some kind of computer where I simply wave my hands and manipulate the box.

Is this a holographic dream interface?

I don't know, but this is something that would work for me.

I am tired of learning new sequences and keystrokes just to do the same old things like OPEN A FILE.

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