The large suburban, complacement, middle-class area surrounding London.

(That's London, England, by the way.)

No one says they want to live there but lots of people do. Especially stockbrokers.

Not a very clearly defined area: Chambers describes it as the counties into which the London conurbation has spread - taking these from the time prior to the local government reforms of 1973 this would mean Middlesex, Essex, Kent and Surrey. A defining concept might be that of the areas within reasonable commuting distance of London (ignoring the fact that a combination of ludicrous property prices and high salaries means that there are a few nutters commuting in daily from Doncaster and Bristol); that would at the very least add Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Sussex to the list, and probably Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Suffolk, although possibly only parts of those counties are really "home counties" in character. That character is much as zakale and freezeup describe it, although the areas delineated include a lot of what would be highly attractive countryside (the Chilterns, the Downs, the Weald, Ashdown Forest ...) if it wasn't full of estate agents in hot hatches, golf clubs and garden centres and that description could probably be applied to most of England if looked at with a jaundiced eye.

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