Home training is a predominately African American colloquialism. It is the instilling of good manners and moral character in children. It is providing an atmosphere free of negative influences to children (adult subjects are discussed among adults and cussing and drunkenness are not done in public). It is treating others well and having self respect as much as it is using the correct fork. It is bringing a little hostess gift, writing thank you notes, and RSVPing in a timely fashion. It is also being quiet in church and being respectful of authority and elders. If a kid acts rudely, one might hear “apparently he hasn’t had enough home training” muttered by the folks nearby and mom or dad WILL be informed. It reflects poorly upon the parent if the child is found lacking in home training. There is little hesitation in pointing out poor home training, especially of loud or disruptive children. This is not rude; this is home training for the parents as well.

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