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It's a honey of an O, it's Honey Nut Cheerios...

—Honey Nut Cheerios television commercial jingle

Like it says right on the box, these are "Sweetened Whole Grain Oat Cereal with Real Honey & Almonds". Honey Nut Cheerios are a sweetish breakfast, but not nauseatingly so.

The original Cheerios have been distributed by General Mills since 1941; the honey-(and sugar-)sweetened spin-offs are a more recent development, introduced in 1979. In addition to the aforementioned sweeteners, Honey Nut Cheerios also contain somewhat abrasive ground almonds, which is why your tongue might feel a little raw after eating a few handfuls too many.

Like all Cheerios, the miniature donut form factor of Honey Nuts makes them a great snack food, eaten straight from the box or mixed with fruit, nuts and raisins. I don't even bother putting milk on them most of the time.

Honey Nut Cheerios were promoted by a nameless cartoon honeybee for years; the 'toon mascot was finally dubbed "BuzzBee" in 2000.

Nutrition Information:

(for one cup of Honey Nut Cheerios, no milk)
Calories from Fat:
Total Fat:
1.5 grams
Saturated Fat:
Polyunsaturated Fat:
Monounsaturated Fat:

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