For those of you in the know. Hong Kong action films feature men and women kicking ass in ways that defy what we know as the laws of physics. Therefore, this new set of rules will be entitled Hong Kong Physics. Only in a movie where HKP apply can the hero fly through the air and take out twelve bad guys at a time with one kick, where even a minor character (who really sucks at kung-fu) becomes unstoppable at the end of the film. HKP also apply to the use of guns, where as in the real world one gun is enough, but in a HKP world two guns guarantee you a higher body count and cool slow motion action scenes. Drinking lots of alcohol, in reality would kill you, but in the realm of Hong Kong Physics tm it will make you a one man army. Another offshoot of of HKP is that you either have superhuman hand-eye co-ordination or you have Comic Relief Syndrome, where you break things and pratfall when things get slow. All in all, the world of Hong Kong Physics is an
interesting, and exciting field that must be explored and researched in more detail. Preferably by me with the assistance of Misters Woo, Hark, and Lam. Generous government grants will be accepted gratefully.

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