Hopesfall is a melodic hardcore band hailing from city of Charlotte, NC. Mixing heavy, driving elements from hardcore music with smooth, flowing passages and passionate lyrics Hopesfall is not like many other bands. They were formed when a few musician friends decided to write some songs together one night in 1998. What was only going to be a few songs and one local show snowballed into a project that has carried the member's from local heroes to success in the national hardcore scene.

After 8 months of writing material and playing shows, Hopesfall was approached and asked if they would be interesting in recording. The result was the album "The Frailty of Words" which was recorded in a makeshift studio in a friend's garage. After having tangible material down, the band was invited to play Cornerstone Festival in July of 1999. Cornerstone is known for being a great opportunity for young bands to get recognized, and this was no exception for the talented Hopesfall.

Cornerstone was a success for the band. A few broken mics and a lot of new fans were made and the band decided to hit the road and start their first tour.

Many shows and two years later, the band recorded again with their sophomore EP release "No Wings to Speak Of" on Takehold Records. The band's maturity and growth as musicians is evident on this four-song CD as their sound has progressed to become something uncomparable to other acts in the hardcore genre.

Today Hopesfall has moved up the hardcore food chain after getting signed to the label Trustkill Records, which also has such respected bands as Poison the Well, Walls of Jericho, and Eighteen Visions. Their new CD, "The Satellite Years", will be out in September of 2002 as their first release on Trustkill.

Releases: The current line up of Hopesfall features:
  • Joshua Brigham - guitar
  • Adam Baker - bass
  • Chad Waldrup - guitar/vocals
  • Adam Morgan - drums
  • Jay Forrest - vocals
Former members include Christopher Kincaid, Ryan Parrish, and Doug Venable.

Members of Hopesfall also make up the side project Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

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